Welcome to Maca Genome Hub v1.0 !

The maca genome hub (MGH) maintains a database of genetic and genomic data for the maca research community. MGH harbors data covering the high-quality genome sequence along with various annotations such as CDS, protein, gene families, synteny, transcription factor, gene expression data, phenotypes,ncRNA, molecular markers, publications, and news information about the maca research community. The current MGH is V1.0 and will be updated every month with research advances. MGH is launched in April 2017, by Mr. Junhao Chen, Dr. Fei Chen and Dr. Prof. Liangsheng Zhang, from center for genomics and biotechnology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. Prof. Liangsheng Zhang is one of the leaders in the Lepidium Meyenii sequencing project.

1. maca.eplant.org

2. Jing Zhang, Yang Tian, Liang Yan, Guanghui Zhang, Xiao Wang, Yan Zeng, Jiajin Zhang, Xiao Ma, Yuntao Tan, Ni Long, Yangzi Wang, Yujin Ma, Yuqi He, Yu Xue, Shumei Hao, Shengchao Yang, Wen Wang, Liangsheng Zhang, Yang Dong, Wei Chen, Jun Sheng. Genome of plant maca (Lepidium meyenii) illuminates genomic basis for high altitude adaptation in the central Andes. MOLECULAR PLANT. 2016. [PDF]