Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cite MGH?

If you use MGH data or tools in your research, please use the following citation.

How can I contact MGH?

The MGH staff can be reached via the feedback page.

Can I submit my data to MGH?

of course. And we strongly encourage users to submit their own data to our database. Contact the database administrator: feedback.

Can I download data from MGH?

sure. Please visit our download page.

Who should I contact if I think I have found a mistake in the database?

Contact the database administrator Junhao Chen in feedback page.

How can I find what’s new in MGH?

Please browse news page to get the latest news about our hub.

How do I know what’s coming next in MGH?

If the user wants us to develop some specific information they need, please contact us in feedback page.

Do I need a MGH account to access data?

No. You do not need a MGH account to view any publicly available data.